Our mission - a bakery revolution
Sophie and Ella at Griddle bakery

We’re calling for a Bakery Revolution, waging the war on the long outdated industry and becoming the Bakery of the Future - fit for the modern day.

We’re cutting down on sugar, championing whole grains and reducing food & packaging waste.

We’re here to change the way that families and their children think about nutrition for the better, whilst making a positive impact on people and planet.

... And if you're fed up with sugary, boring, artificial beigeness, then you're a part of our revolution too!

Ella here! Sophie and I met back in 2015 when I was looking for somewhere to live in London and I came across a bedroom to rent on Spareroom. Little did I know at the time that meeting my new flatmate (Sophie), and moving into the spare room would be the beginnings of a great friendship, and later the start of a business together!


Sophie and Ella Griddle Dragons
Griddle bakery values
Nutritionally smarther healthy waffles and pancakes