We met almost 5 years ago now! Ella had just graduated from uni and was moving to London to start a job at Pip & Nut when she came across a bedroom to rent on Spareroom. Little did she know at the time that meeting her new flatmate (Sophie), and moving in to the spare room would be the beginnings of a great friendship, and later the start of a business together!

We soon became friends and realised we had a lot more in common than just living together in London. Both obsessed with all things food, be that cooking, eating, finding new food brands, restaurant openings .. you name it, we loved it.

We came up with Griddle whilst cooking together in our kitchen. Our favourite meal was brunch on a Saturday morning, when we had time to sit down and catch up properly. Pancakes were a firm favourite, and each week we would come up with a new variation, be that from trying a vegan recipe, to protein pancakes, and experimenting with new flavours and toppings.

It was when we started doing this that we began to look at what was available in the shops. Why were the only pancakes on offer those that were stuffed full of sugar, highly refined ingredients and artificial flavours and preservatives?! We’d seen so many parallel categories of the supermarkets experience modernisation and healthy twists on old classics (Pip & Nut, Propercorn, Fever Tree to name a few) but the bakery section, and breakfast pancakes in particular had been left untouched, with the same old ambient pancakes we had as kids still there!

We spent a long time developing the perfect recipe, combining multigrain flours (to get that fibre) with minimal sugars and always only natural ingredients.

We started with pancakes, but we've been busy flipping up new recipes in the kitchen ever since. We're about to launch our plant based waffle range, as well as baking mixes galore! With a few other surprises up our sleeves, we're very ready to bring in 2021 with a bang (and let's face it.. who isn't ready for 2021?!)


The Griddle Dragons  Ella and Sophie