At Griddle we want to help take care of our planet. We're on a quest to make sure that Griddle actively does good for our planet and people. Our pancake factory runs on 100% renewable energy and we're striving to make our packaging biodegradable (our pancake mix pouches already are, and our pancake and waffle boxes are recyclable). We source ingredients locally to minimise our carbon footprint, and to get our products onto the shelves we have chosen to work with a logistics company which has a carbon neutral commitment.


Whether it's time, products or donations, we want to give back to our community. We partner with food donation charity, The Felix Project, who provide meals for school children who otherwise may have gone hungry.

One of our biggest dreams as we continue to grow is to become B-Corp certified. B corps use business as a force for good meaning they reach the highest environmental and social standards, and are held accountable for this. Pretty cool.




Not only do we have a responsibility to our planet, but we also have one to you, our customers.

Trust is earned and we believe that the proof is in the pudding (or rather breakfast in our case). We only ever make products that we well and truly love, and which we eat regularly, with nutritional values of upmost importance to us. We believe that education through food is one of the best ways we can set our future generations up for long, happy and healthy lives.

Because of this, the amount of sugar we put in our products is minimal. Read more about our Sugar Policy here (it's short and not so sweet!).